We’re so excited to share with you that Healing Elements has a new brand identity and logo!

The Triangle represents solid ground and personal authority. One interpretation of the simple triangle is “feet on the ground, heart in the heavens.” The triangle is strong and resilient, not seeking external validation and rather sourcing what it needs from within.

I’ve always been drawn to the bright red Poppy flower. There are many interpretations of the symbolism of the Poppy and as I started to dive deeper into the meaning behind the flower, I resonated with the connection to restful sleep and death. We are in a time of massive refinement, destruction of old systems, death and rebirth. My wish is for Healing Elements to be a space where you feel safe to explore the boundless nature of life, to titrate the avenues and the paths of healing, and ultimately find deep resonance and acceptance within yourself. This means sitting with discomfort and opening yourself to the impermanence of life. I wanted to represent the stages of growth in the flower, reminding us that we are constantly planting seeds, budding, blossoming and returning to seed. I want to encourage you to be present to the process rather than strive for the destination. (Something I am constantly reminding myself every single day!)

If you made it all the way here, thank you for reading about this journey. Jaime DeSmit, one of our beloved yoga instructors, helped me bring this design to life and I am eternally grateful! Thank you, Jaime, for witnessing my desires and creating this beautiful representation of Healing Elements.

I hope you love the new logo and that it brings you joy. These past few months have brought up so much uncertainty and while the qualities of unrest are still present, we are moving forward in stride, trusting the process that is unfolding and we are devoted to the continuation of Healing Elements. ♥️ Samantha