Happy Saturday to our Healing Elements family!

We are so very excited to introduce our newest yoga teacher, Rebecca Tanner! She will be teaching a wide variety of classes three days a week here at Healing Elements. We are honored to have her expertise and kindness in our studio.

Rebecca loves any type of movement that connects mind and body, and believes that moving our bodies is an integral part of being healthy, both internally and externally. She focuses on inspiring people to move, to challenge themselves in safe and supported ways, and to be comfortable in their own body. She helps people experience physical fitness as something they can enjoy doing as much as she does by infusing all types of movement with a little – or a lot! – of fun! It’s deeply important to Rebecca to create an accessible, inclusive, and welcoming space so that people can come together and show up however they need to. It’s essential to have space for kindness towards ourselves and others as we continue to do the work and tackle inner and outer challenges both in and out of class.

Currently, Rebecca is based in Minneapolis, MN where she is so lucky to be part of a vibrant community of dancers and movers. As a dancer and choreographer, Rebecca has explored creativity and self expression and those values have become a part of all of her movement practices. They create a unique space for self-exploration that invites us to engage with our bodies in a way that allows for discovery and acceptance of our physical experiences.

Catch Rebecca at one of her upcoming classes at our studio! We can’t wait to see you soon.

Wednesdays 9am Barre, 10:30am Strength + Stretch, 12pm Low Impact Vinyasa
Fridays 9am Vinyasa, 10:30 Strength + Stretch
Saturdays 9am Barre, 10:30am Yin, 12pm Vinyasa