UNPAPER Towel Roll Complete Holder


This wooden holder is custom designed to store rolled UNpaper® Towels with ease. Lift the removable dowel off of the base, roll UNpaper® Towels directly on the dowel, and slide it back on.

Holder features a 6" diameter Birch plywood base with 1" diameter removable hard wood dowel with a 100% felted wool counter protector on the base. You can slide a pre-rolled tube of UNpaper® Towels over the dowel, or roll directly on the dowel. Holder is finished with a natural tung oil.

For our complete set with 24 pre-rolled UNpaper® Towels + holder, click here.

CARE: Store your UNpaper® Towel Holder in a dry spot, and do not submerge in water. To maintain the beauty of your UNpaper® Towel Holder, apply Bamboo and Wood Finishing Oil to a completely dry holder as needed in order to maintain sheen and add a layer of protection from potential water damage. Apply a small amount of solution to a towel (you can even use an UNpaper® Towel if you'd like!), rub it thoroughly into all surfaces of your item and allow it to dry.

Handmade in Marley’s Monsters woodshop in Eugene, Oregon.

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